Tulips – Part I

* Thanks for the comments on Alice in the previous post!!
Another month of May there and it's time to see tulips around here. Almost rhymed…. Hehehe
Tulip Festival this year started on the 4th and runs until the 20th here in Ottawa/Gatineau. Right on the first weekend, we decided to check out the beautiful tulips in Dowslake Park, which is usually the most refined place of the event.
The day was nice suuuuper, but the tulips have had better years. I don't know if it was the little heat that gave in March or the cold that came back in April, just know that I saw some flower beds without flowers. Of course, even with embezzlement, it is worth the tour and we managed to capture beautiful tulips.
Check it out…:
That was the most beautiful little flower we saw that day… Kkkk
Part II is coming right over… with more tulips…