Ville de Québec | What's to be done?

One of the advantages, if you can count like this, of the husband traveling a lot for work, is that back and a half the whole family organizes and goes together.
That’s how we were recently visiting the provícia capital of Québec, our second visit there, the first had been in 2008 (see post here), 9 years later! I can’t believe it took us that long to get back there.
And I’ll tell you, the trip just made us fall in love with the city a little bit more. It was only a full day and a late afternoon, but it was enough to feel the weather, walk through the narrow and charming alleys.
But of course, traveling always has its perrengues, especially with children. I traveled the almost 500km from Ottawa there with the two in the back seat of the car, as Diego had already gone the day before for his work commitments. So i don’t recommend doing the hit-and-round, Ottawa > Quebec City on the same day, the good thing is to stay there for a few days.
According to “perrengue”, was that we caught rain in the only whole day we had and of course, with child to lap, covert weather is not the best, and of course, not even for the photos and everything. Obviously, we don’t let the day go by in vain, buy raincoats for the other cart and get in the way of spending the day in the humidity. I’m going to say it was better than expected.

We couldn’t see everything I had thought to see, but so other tours will come. 

Our hotel was not in Vieux-Québec, where most of the sights are concentrated, so we drove to the area, parked there and circulated just on foot.

If you want to feel in a European city without leaving the Americas, super recommend Ville de Québec (especially the Vieux-Québec area), with its 409 years of pure charm, historical architecture, inviting restaurants and magnificent atmosphere. There were times when I even forgot I was in Canada… Hehehe

See more details and pertinent comments in the photos – and already notice, so many photos, this city is so photogenic!

One of the cutest areas of View-Québec is the Petit Champlain Quartier. A narrow alley, full of local shops, restaurants, murals and old buildings. Loved!!
That restaurant was on my list, but we couldn’t go this time – Le Lapin Sauté
Rue de Petit Champlain
Furniculaire Vieux-Québec
Furniculaire to the lower part of Vieux-Québec – one of the alternatives to go down or climb – but it is also possible via stairs… Each itparaist costs $3 and you buy on time.
Place Royale – my favourite location in Vieux-Québec
There is the pizzeria La Pizz Place Royale – suuuuper recommend
La Pizz Place Royale
Waiting for the pizza…
Place Royale by night
Église Notre-Dame-des-Victoires
Petit Champlain, New
Local shops full of charm
Live music and lights create a super cool atmosphere
Another showcase that attracted…
La Fresque du Petit Champlain – mural with effect on one of the historic buildings
Next day, in fine rain and fog – we walked once again through the alleys, but we couldn’t see everything. La Citadelle de Québec is one of the great sights of the city, but did not enter our itinerary this time, because of the same rain.
Fontaine de Tourny – opposite the Hôtel du Parlement (Parliament of the province of Québec)
Side view of the Québec Parliament
Hôtel du Parlement (Parliament of the Province of Quebec)
View from above towards Vieux-Québec and the St. Lawrence River
Everything so photogenic!!
Even though it was summer, the temperature was at 14 to 17ºC that day.
The so imposing Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (hotel) – postcard from Québec City
Boardwalk or Terrasse Dufferin
Beautiful even with fog
Boardwalk next to the hotel is called Terrasse Dufferin
After touristing in the area of Château Frontenac, we decided to get out of the rain and recharge. We chose bistro 1640, a few meters from Château Frontenac and it was super nice, good food and not abusively expensive (normal prices), not to mention the feeling of being in Paris.
With the bellies all full and the rain that did not want to give respite, we chose the Musées de la Civilisation, which was very cool for Alice to consider something interesting all day (hehehe). We went on foot, going down the slopes and crossing alleys. By the way, all the day trips were on foot.
At the museum, they burned energy (and diana’s nap) and we saw exhibits, interactive activities, and a play area they loved. I’d say it’s been a few hours well spent.
Every corner, one (or more) click!
Ladeiiira and another mural (La Fresque de Québecois).
Near Place Royale, on the way to the Musées de la Civisization
Musées de la Civisization on the outside
Until then everything is a click… Hehe
One of the interactive areas that everyone had fun!
Look who we found over there- Iron Man!
Cotes Courtyard to Cotes Resto-Grill – bordering the river
Alleys and the view from the hotel upstairs…
Rue St Pierre
Maple Pyrirate to sweeten
Notre-Dame of Québec
Beautiful inside too!
Christmas goods store – year round!
Street full of shops and cafes – Rue Saint-Jean

I hope you enjoyed the flood of photos!! Any questions, comment here in the post or on Facebook!

See you next time!