Welcome 2017 | New Year

Celebrating our birthday – on Christmas Day
I start the year wishing you much health, prosperity and love for everyone! What a rush that was that last month of 2016 huh! For us it seems that so much has happened, all together mixed together.
My message for the new year that we be more focused on our own goals and our achievements, whether they are large or small. Let us celebrate who we are and what we have today, not just past things or the plans of the future.
And also, that we stop comparing our lives and choices with those of others, things that are not always easy with so much connectivity, online lives, social media and such. Focus and goal on our own plans (without negatively affecting the lives of others, of course), but without worrying so much about what "others" will think about, about OUR own life.
That, at least, is one of my thoughts for 2017.
I leave you with a photographic summary of our end of the year, which had several meetings with friends, our Diana's birthday (which should have special post here on the blog soon), visits to the hospital (but everything is already fine now), flu, colds, snow, ice and other things More… phew, it was intense!!
Parties, events and setbacks of the end of 2016