6 years in Canada | 12 random things

Today we celebrate 6 years of arrival in these lands previously unknown and little explored (by us). And nowadays, everything is familiar and we feel at home, look how great.
Many things have passed and we have learned so much that it is even difficult to put into words. We change as people, for the better, I'm sure. We learn to be more receptive to new things, to change, to challenges, to make new friends, to undo bonds and to make new ones.
This past year, with almost 6 years here, we have reached the last stage of the immigration journey, we have become Canadian citizens, we have closed an era of processes and waits, we are changing province and home. These facts have become milestones for me. With them, many new ideas and different paths opened, making us think several questions of our life, family and even this blog.
I was thinking (I, since I'm the one who writes right here), if I should continue the blog, if it was worth it after so long, now that not everything is new anymore and such. This space is yes, a personal space to record and remember our trajectory, but it is always rewarding to see that brings entertainment or some useful information for those who take a little time to pass through here. What I can say is that some changes are coming in with respect to that.
In these 6 years:
  1. We use the translator in English more to Portuguese than the other way around (especially to write here on the blog…).
  2. We found normal 414 ml of coffee to be medium size (Tim Hortons).
  3. We feel that 10ºC is very warm… (late winter).
  4. We understand (but still not used to) being at night at 4:30 pm in winter, as well as being day until 9:30 pm in summer.
  5. We assimilate that the best solar position is south and not north (this is for architects).
  6. We found it quiet to sleep in a house with a glass door and several windows without a railing.
  7. We learn to listen in one language, respond in another or vice versa. As well as participating in a conversation where each one speaks a language and the two understand each other.
  8. We learned that it's routine to spend an hour digging snow to get out of the house.
  9. We acquired skills and learned to do everything at home, from installing fixtures, making stone patio, gardening, plumbing to furniture assembly and much more… (ahhh.. and change).
  10. We learned to say a lot of "sorry"…
  11. We still think winter could be shorter…
  12. But above all we learn to love another country and call it ours more definitively.
And thank you to everyone who comes by and visit our blog, it's great to know that you are out there!