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St. Lucia | Caribbean Cruise

On Thursday we landed in St.Lucia. I had great expectations about St. Lucia, because I had seen several natural beauties that are there.
I just didn’t know that most of them weren’t visible from the port and required proper excursions. Due to the mountainous geography, St. Lucia offers several hiking, climbing tours, even the Sulphur Springs volcano (dormant) in the La Soufrière region, which is considered the only volcano in the world that can pass by car inside. In addition, St. Lucia has two large volcanic mountains called The Pitons, which are quite visited.
St. Lucia is an independent island country, and like Barbados, it is also part of the Lesser Antilles. The country has about 174,000 inhabitants, official language is English, although many local people speak French there and many of the things, streets and places, have the names in French. The ship anchored this time in the area of Castries, capital of St. Lucia.
In St. Lucia we had a small error of course and we ended up on a deserted beach, errr, with a little bar, but no visitors. When it comes time to get information, we chose Choc Beach and we didn’t like it. Soon we got another taxi to take us on some beach with better infrastructure and then we spent the day in Rodney Bay, which proved a little troubled for my taste, but in this case, it was better than the other.

The Pitons in the background
Choc Beach – which we gave up after about 30 minutes…
Rodney Bay, New York
Alice making friends
Little boat selling fruit
St. Lucia ranked 5th in our beach classification. I’m sure there are amazing places to meet there, but then you demand to invest in excursions and more days on the island.