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Barbados | Caribbean Cruise

Barbados was our second destination on the trip, after a whole day at sea – Fun Day at the Sea – is what they call it.
Barbados has been an independent island country since 1966 and is part of the small Antilles. She has a similarity to Canada, we have the same queen. The island, considered Atlantic and non-Caribbean, has about 284,000 inhabitants, is one of the most developed islands and is also considered one of the most popular destinations in the southern Caribbean (it is close to Venezuela and even Brazil…).
Our ship docked early on at the cruise terminal in Bridgetown, capital of Barbados and soon we were enjoying a beach.
In the same scheme we found in St. Thomas, right at the port, vans-taxi sawait passengers to various locations. After taking information, we decided to spend the day at Carlisle Bay beach, which is very close to the port, about 8 minutes by taxi (but not to go on foot necessarily).
We found Barbados much more organized than the other islands we visited and the color of the water was spectacular, but unlike some of the other beaches, Carlisle Bay stood out specifically for the color and temperature of the water, having nothing special in the landscape.
Ship docked for day in Barbados
Bridgetown cruise terminal
Welcome to Carlisle Bay
A few minutes she was in the shade… Who can hold this little girl?
It seems unreal
Alice, once again, didn’t stop for a minute…
Chairs available for rent…
Oops, she stopped for a minute when she almost slept with the food in her mouth at lunchtime… First ever! What a beach day doesn’t do…
She continued to nap under the parasol…
See you Barbados…
We’d certainly be back in Barbados for a week’s vacation. Maybe one day? Barbados was the beach #1 on our little list of the 5 we visited!

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