Winter in Canada | what to expect?

A lot of people who don't live here ask us: How do you put up with the winter in Canada? And many people who are from here too: How do you Brazilians stand the cold here?

We, coming from southern Brazil, although we are not used to snow at the beginning, have always been in contact with the cold in the gaucho winter.

No, it does not make -20ºC in southern Brazil, but the lack of heating keeps the temperature of the environments constantly low and consequently, the body as well.

There, we needed to wear thick coats, wool jackets and gloves to study without dying of cold. Key with gloves inclusive. And don't even tell me about the daily episode of bathing, torment…

Anyway, I comment that I spent colder in Brazil than here, because here most of the day, we are at the pleasant constant temperature of about 22ºC.

Last week in the middle of the 40cm snowstorm

Out there the story is another. Arctic wind is no joke. Gives tie in Minuano (this only who is gaucho will understand will be?). You really shouldn't underestimate the Canadian cold.

Snow days are usually not the coldest. The days of sun and blue sky, these yes, are the ones that save the Arctic temperatures (we've already picked up here in Ottawa/Gatineau around -32degrees with a feeling of -38º degrees. Brrrr)

So a lot of people want to come to Canada and forget that winter is a big factor in the adaptation here. It's one thing for you to find the cute snow, wear a charming coat from time to time and take beautiful pictures making a snowman.

Another is you spend 2 hours in the blizzard digging your car from the front of the house, freeze your gums and everything else in a friozão of -30ºC to go take the bus (and he delay), go and return from work without seeing the light of day, sink to the thigh in the snow to get out in the back and accept that entertainment options outside the home are restricted.

All these things are part of the experience of living here and there is no way out (at least in the Ottawa/Gatineau region). There's no glamour! You can't run, you have to wait until May for the heat to come back. 

Everything here is prepared for winter, but does not come at banana price. Gas and electricity bill scare in the winter months, if you depend only on bus will arrive late on snowy days (if you can get there) and if you live in the súburbio, with few options of public transport, better to acquire a vehicle to be able to get around to any simple task, such as going to the market, for example.

I always say, if you from Brazil, do not enjoy the winter much or never lived in a place that makes a little cold, think and evaluate very well before embarking on the immigration process here. Just yesterday, Montreal had a historic blizzard of 45cm in a single day and last week we had here in Ottawa/Gatineau about 40cm too, in one day.

It's no joke not the gymnastics you do to dig up sidewalks, cars, driveways and everything… 🙂

A picture of my boot "fashion" for you guys!
Footprints of the mysterious "Diego of the snows" hehehe
Front of house before cleaning
During the cleaning of the snow…
Nothing escapes from accumulating snow…
I miss a barbecue…
Driveway finished – only left the snow pudding
Would you like a snowcake?!
Overlooking our backyard…
Me and Alice – night closed at 5:18pm and street situation earlier that day…