Opel Zoo | Attractions around Frankfurt

Not only because we have children, but unveiling the attractions in Frankfurt and the region is one of our short-term priorities. The Opel Zoo in the city of Kronberg near Frankfurt was a good start.

Opel Zoo
Area of giraffes, elephants, zebras and others…

And the possibilities are endless, many of which we have not yet done. Even the Opel Zoo was a visit we did back in May 2019, even before our official move, in our prospecting visit here in the region, in order to make the children familiar with the place.

The zoo is in the city of Kronberg im Taunus, approximately 24 km from the centre of Frankfurt, so on average 30 minutes by car (the zoo itself).

Opel Zoo
Main access to Opel Zoo

There is also the option to visit the Zoo by public transportation from Frankfurt main station (Hauptbahnhof), I can’t really tell you how long, but the plan is to take the S-Bahn S4 to Kronberg central station and then take the bus lines 261, X26 and X27 to the “Opel-Zoo” stop.

E eles realmente adoraram o passeio!

Opel Zoo
Open spaces in the Zoo

Reasons to visit the Opel Zoo

  • Many of the animals are not in cages but in environments protected by topography or vegetation.
  • Very organic and interesting paths for children to explore.
  • Playgrounds with slides and other structures for children.
  • Closed area with ball pit.
  • Interaction with some animals (mostly goats and sheeps).
  • Pet-friendly ($2 per dog).
  • Restaurant on site.
Interacting with goats (you can actually go inside the fence)
Deer in their habitat
Big birds (ostriches?) on the loose
Trying every corner…

We really want to go back, but we haven’t had the chance yet. You can easily spend 4 hours there, between various activities, seeing the animals, interacting with some others, playing in the playground and having a meal in the restaurant inside the park.

Dromedaries snacking – I didn’t know the difference between dromedaries and camels until this visit…
Another thing to do, motorcycles! (about $2 per 5 minutes)

In a next post, I will tell you about the visit to another zoo in the region, the Frankfurt Zoo, inside the city itself.



    I think I camped on this Zoo location with a party of Boy Scouts from Ireland around 1960 ish. Was there a Scout hall on the site then? I recall that we were in tents and in the morning some of our bodies had slipped out of the doorway of the tents due to the slope on which the site was built. O remember the sounds of the animals during the night. I think the Zoo was at an early stage of development in those days.

    Happy memories!