Central Bierhaus Pub in Ottawa, Ottawa

The other day we were at another new restaurant in Ottawa, more specifically Kanata, . CENTRAL BIERHAUS is a new pub/brewery that promises to have the largest collection of beers and some of the best European dishes in the city.
 The menu is almost all inspired by European dishes (mainly German) and the price is not so salty. Worth a lot of the visit, I loved the atmosphere (I also highlight the interior design, rich in details), the service (our waiter seemed to love what he did) and of course, the food (all done on site or canadian origin) and beers (I can only say that Diego approved that el and proved it), we will certainly go back there to prove the other things.
I also point out that despite being a pub/brewery, the place is super child-friendly (especially during the day), so it's another place that we can go quiet with Alice and in the future with baby #2. I imagine that patio area is also pet-friendly, but that we haven't tested… 🙂
Here's the link for those who want to check and below go some photos of the place (sorry, which are not taken with the camera "good", only with same cell phone – it was an unplanned visit … rsrsrs)

Patio, New Year

Linguicas and oysters are the specialties…

We chose to taste the linguics this time… 
Warm pao, potato salad with pod, sauerkraut and Oktoberfest linguics (not spicy).


Activity sheet and menu for children
Alice doing an inspection in the ladies' room.

I loved the wealth of details 

Panel in bathroom looks



Mr. Küsse!