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IKEA Guide for Immigrants | the bathroom

So in the early days of your home sweet home and even before a good night's sleep, you will need to use the bathroom, it is fact. After the bedroom and kitchen, comes the bathroom, equally, if not more important environment of the house.

Bathrooms here in Canada have many differences from those in Brazil. The standard of bathrooms is to have a compact bathtub and shower on it. There's a curtain and no glass box. You throw toilet paper in the toilet yourself and the trash only fits other items. It has the discharge box attached to the base of the vessel and is there on its back when they are not embedded. Tiles, usually only in the shower/bathtub area (but instead can have acrylic walls), sometimes around the sink and rarely on the walls adjascentes. And finally, there is no drain on the floor (many newcomers here find this super strange, but believe me, there is no need).
I selected in this post some key products for use in the bathroom. Of course, as always, not everything is essential, but they appear as suggestions and will be more or less important, depending on your preferences.


As I said earlier, the vast majority of bathrooms have bath and shower conjugated plastic curtain or fabric, being the glass box less common than one thinks. In the case of a standard bathroom, curtain accessories, such as the rod, will be required. I also emphasize the use of the anti-slip tape (item 2), because the bathtubs have a half-rounded bottom and is very slippery without a protection.
  1. Tapetinho – SKOGHALL bath mat – CAD $7.99
  2. Non-slip bathtub mat – DOPPA bathtub mat – CAD $4.99
  3. Shampoo holder – IMMELN shower caddy – CAD $10.99
  4. Curtain rings – BRINGEN shower curtain ring – CAD $4.99 (12 units)
  5. Curtain holder – SAVERN shower curtain rod – CAD $24.99
  6. Curtain – TVINGEN shower curtain – CAD $9.99


In many of the rented properties, it is not recommended by the building or owner, stick the walls to put frames, utensils etc. so there are several options that avoid this, such as this set of hooks, which go behind the bathroom door or bedroom, where nothing needs to be and you can take it together wherever you go.

7.  Door hooks – GRUNDTAL hanger for door – CAD $9.99
8.  Bath towel – FRAJEN bath sheet – CAD $12.99
Face towel – FRAJEN hand towel – CAD $3.99
9.   Liquid soap holder – EKOLN soap dispenser – CAD $7.99
10. Toothbrush Holder – EKOLN toothbrush holder – CAD $4.99
11. Soap door – EKOLN dish soap – CAD $3.99


It may be that this cart for utilities is well used if your sink does not have much place to store things, but also your bathroom can be small and not accommodate anything. So much of the need and real availability goes.
The only itarea to stick the wall that I put in the set here is the number 16 there and breaks a good gain if there is no towel door near the bathtub or sink.

12. Utility cart – GRUNDTAL cart – CAD $49.99
13. Trash – SAVERN trash basket – CAD $24.99
14. Toilet paper holder – BALUNGEN toilet paper holder – CAD $24.99
15. Toilet sweeper – BOLMEN toilet brush – CAD $0.99
16. Hook – GRUNDTAL hanger – CAD $5.99 (with 2 units)

Toilette Balance: Shower (CAD $63.94) + Sink (CAD $60.92) + Vase (CAD $106.95), for a total of CAD $261.94, including 13% fees.
If you want to save and buy the minimum, the sum gives around CAD $110 (with fees already and including items 1 + 2 + 4 + 6 + 8 (for two people) + 10 + 11 +13 +15)


They say the most essential item in the bathroom is this toilet plunger (which I don't even know if that's the correct name in Portuguese). Here it's called plunger and imagine you go to someone's house and have to ask for one of these… eita unpleasant situation! Better to have one at your disposal! At IKEA does not have, but Dollarama or Walmart you find easy.

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