Shopping in Ottawa | Tanger Outlets

Since October 2014, we have choice of outlets here in Ottawa, in the suburbs in the western area of the city. The Tanger Outlets (there is talk of "ten-guer" and not tenjer as I said in the video) have centers like here in several American cities and four in Canada, one of them here in Ottawa.
There you'll find most of the big brands present at outlets in the United States (Tommy, Gap, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Coach, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Carte's, Oshkosh, Guess, Calvin Klein and more and can party in the shopping item – see the complete list of stores here, with a very cool, modern and clean infrastructure. It has bathrooms for everything, benches, rest areas, playground (which we love) and food court.
Food Court Tanger Outlets Ottawa
As for prices, I hear differing opinions, but for me, I always found good promotions and I managed to find clothes and shoes, mainly, with great prices. Stressing that I rarely go there, but when I go, I stay many hours, evaluate things well and make my decisions consciously #levandocomprasàsério.
Of course, not everything is cheap and you don't always find things that are worth it (in my view). Many of the stores have past collections, discontinued products and few quantities of certain items, so it's liked = bought, or you may never see it in that store again.
It also has that theory that outlet stores only receive goods designated for stores with discounts and the quality leaves to be desired sometimes (I agree and have seen it in some stores).
In my opinion, taking a certain amount of time and evaluating well before buying is always a good idea, especially for more expensive things.
The big advantage for us is that it's less than 10 minutes from here from home and a little jump there is no detour. It's super easy to buy and then return or exchange, so buying wrong rarely happens.
Tanger Outlets have a member card (TangersClub) that costs $10 once and gives you access to extra discounts in stores. What's more, they back and forth have extra discounts on commemorative dates for the general public.
I put together a video of my visit there and break, I took the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Beaver Tails here from Ottawa, which is in the downtown parking lot. Yay!
* The photos in this post are from several times we've been there, including last winter… 🙂