Madrid – Spain | Script Day 2

For those who missed our tour itinerary on the 1st day, you can read here.


  • Puerta of Alcalá
  • Parque de el Retiro
  • Crystal Palace
  • Reina Sofia Museum
  • Prado Museum
  • Plaza Santa Ana, California
  • Plaza Puerta del Sol
  • Chocolateria San Gines
  • Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales
On the second day, a little more rested, we left a little earlier and enjoy the beautiful day. After I separated the photos from that day, I realized how much we walked. We visited many things, but in some of them just outside, to know the region and the building / construction itself. We didn’t think art museums matched our little 4-year-old girl with limited patience… and an 8-month-old baby… Hehe. Thus, we ended up accumulating a large number of sights, also many kilometers on foot and by subway between them.
One of the highlights of the day was the Parque de el Retiro, which is huge and under the strong heat, we could not explore every corner, but there is enough to be seen. 
Also very important, Puerta del Sol square is a well-known point of Madrid, with a large square, metro station, commerce and the famous bear statue.
And as a tip of delicacy, we recommend the Chocolateria San Gines, hidden by one of the narrow streets of central Madrid since 1894. It is worth looking for and taste the churros with chocolate cream… delíicia!
See the photos and comments of each one below:

Puerta of Alcalá
Puerta de Alcalá – kind of a triumph arch
Friendly café near Parque de el Retiro
Parque de el Retiro
Entrance of the Park of el Retiro
Parque de el Retiro – Monument to Alfonso XII in the background
Parque de el Retiro
Parque de el Retiro
Parque de el Retiro
Palacio de Cristal – inside the Parque de el Retiro
Beautiful area inside the Crystal Palace with colorful rugs and fabrics
Crystal Palace
Alice liked the “castle” – back – the photo from the front would be even more beautiful, we just didn’t have legs to go even further for an angle.. Hehe
Charm in everything that is angle…
Puerta de Atocha – large train/bus/metro station in Madrid
Museo Reina Sofia – we were just out of this, but they say it’s really cool to visit (with time to enjoy)
Museo do Prado – well-known museum in Madrid, we also just passed outside this time… 🙂
Plaza de Santa Ana
Nice places for everything!
Narrow alleys
Plaza Puerta del Sol – lots of people!
 Plaza Puerta del Sol
Estatua del Oso y el Madroño at Plaza Puerta del Sol
Chocolateria San Gines – delight!
churros Madrid
Simple and tasty – churros madrileño
Diego personalized by the streets of Madrid
Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales – unfortunately we could not visit because we arrived after visiting hours… next time… Hehe
Tired, but happy… 🙂

See you with another day in Madrid – this time at Warner Park!