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Just one afternoon in Ottawa | What to do

The place was full, but we got a moment "almost" just ours in inspiration village
There have been cases on our trips where there was a little vague time between one flight and another and whenever this happens and we have the possibility, we try to reconcile with a little visit to that city.
The fact is that Ottawa is in the "middle" of the road between two major Canadian cities, Montreal and Toronto, and sometimes it's like "if we visit" the tourist itineraries in Canada.
And I've talked several times here on the blog, Ottawa is an easy city to visit, I would say, because several of the great sights are located in the city center, which is not gigantic.
Of course, there are several museums around here, which would take days to circulate in detail for everyone, but an afternoon in the city already makes it possible to have a view and feel the climate of downtown Ottawa.
We did a similar tour now in early June and came to share here for anyone interested. I notice that the tour was all on foot, with 2 carts for the young girls who get tired of walking.
Let's say you left Montreal after breakfast at the hotel and 2:00 and shortly thereafter, you're in Ottawa. The highway is quiet and all duplicated, there are almost no curves. Then it came lunchtime and that's also where our tour started (only we came home.. hehe).
We had lunch at Mill St. Brew Pub, a super cute brewery on the banks of the Ottawa River and overlooking Victoria Island. From there (where the car was parked), we went through all the other points and came back, all on foot.
This whole route, discounting the fact of entering and circulating the places of the list, gives around 6 km (round trip), but was very quiet and pleasant, with beautiful historic buildings and some recent things, such as inspiration village, mounted in the heart of Byward Market , in commemoration of Canada's 150th anniversary, which will remain there until September 4 of that year. There you can find the Ottawa sign that is apparently temporary, as well as all containers from each province or territory. All I know is That I hope they reconsider and keep the sign there forever. so cool!!
And of course, let's go to the pictures!
Mill St. Brew Pub Solarium in Downtown Ottawa
Supreme Court of Canada
Human scale – the building looks smaller than it really is…
Supreme Court statue and parliament tower peekaboo in the background
Small pathfinders
View if you are on the steps of the Supreme Court of Canada
Architect's eye
Parliament of Canada – the whole area under construction for the 150th anniversary party…
Centennial Flame and a large area closed to the public there in the central area of the courtyard – there will be the stage of the shows on July 1.
Eastern block of Parliament buildings
The National War Memorial
Ottawa LockStation – end of the Rideau Canal, running into the Ottawa River – seen from above (on Wellington Street)
Interiors of the Chateau Laurier Hotel
Inspiration Village – all mounted in containers
Leaving their mark (until the next rain arrives.. hehe)
Inspiration Village – at Byward Market
One more autograph!
Container of manitoba province has been approved!!
There's the central building at Byward Market in Ottawa.
Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica – we didn't visit the interior as it was having Mass, but it's beautiful!
The Maman in front of the National Art Gallery
On the Trans-Canada Trail, towards the Ottawa Locks (the trail started to the left of the Alexandra Bridge).
Ottawa Lockstation – end of the Rideau Canal towards the Ottawa River
In the background, the Chateau Laurier Hotel.
Liked?! I loved the tour and the vibrant center of Ottawa.