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New Germany Skilled Immigration Act

Come to Germany!! That is the message the German government is trying to convey with the Germany Skilled Immigration Act. It is a new law that enters into force on March 1st. It opens access to the German labor market for skilled workers from countries outside the EU. According to estimates by the Federal Government, this should bring an additional 25,000 skilled workers to Germany each year.

So what is changing?

The new law should make it easier for qualified professionals from non-EU countries to come work in Germany.

The key changes are as follows:

  • The new law includes all occupations, not only the ones defined as “shortage occupations”.
  • The definition of qualified professional changes to a person with a tertiary education degree or a vocational training qualification following a training course lasting at least two years. Irrespective of which one applies to you, the relevant authority in Germany has to recognize your foreign qualification.
  • Since IT specialists are particularly sought-after, there is a special regulation for them. They can enter the country without training. They just to prove that they have been working in the business for several years.
  • The Federal Employment Agency will no longer examine if there are suitable applicants for a job from Germany or the EU.  
  • Even without an offer, you can receive a residence permit for six months in order to find a job. You need to prove you have qualified professional training. Also, you need to have adequate German skills (level B2) and enough money to support yourself. During this time, you can work up to ten hours a week on probation or do an internship.

Go to https://www.make-it-in-germany.com/en/visa/kinds-of-visa/work/skilled-immigration-act/ for additional information on the new Germany Skilled Immigration Act.

I will write another post about the EU Blue Card, which is the one I used.